Offset technology gives the possibility of the highest quality printing, both in reproducing the colors of the printed design, as well as maintaining high resolution, which allows us to transfer the smallest details to the print, designed by the graphic artist.

The maximum print size is B1

Offset printing is a technique called flat printing, which means that the individual elements of the matrix of the offset printer are on the same level. This printing uses the phenomenon of mutual repulsion of non-printing and printing factors. With this technology, it is possible to make prints relatively cheaply and quickly. This is especially true for large numbers of prints.

Offset printing also allows for quick and cheap realizations on a wide variety of materials, including coated, offset and heavy cardboard. The offset printing process consists in placing a printing form in the form cylinder. Then, with the help of a blanket, the paint is transferred from the mold to the substrate. The pressure of the steel cylinder allows you to support the entire procedure, preserving the print.

The prints made with this technique are extremely accurate. It is a great solution for printing posters and catalogs, leaflets, PUR hardcover and softcover books, maps and other multi-colored printed materials.

Advantages of offset printing:

  • is one of the most cost-effective printing methods in the case of large volumes, therefore it is perfect for printing promotional materials,
  • high quality – clarity of print, sharpness of prints and accurate reproduction of colors and details,
    high print durability, the printed paper can be refined,
  • possibility to print many colors (basic CMYK and additional pantone),
    the possibility of using many types of materials that can be printed.

Why is it worth choosing our offset printing house?

We have many years of experience in the industry, we have been printing since 1999. We have a qualified team of specialists and a modern machine park, this combination allows us to print and frame demanding projects. We provide:

  • high quality of raw materials, printing and binding,
  • competitive prices,
  • keeping the deadlines for implementation,
  • comprehensive implementation of your order.

Our priority is to produce the highest quality products in the shortest possible time.


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